Dec 28, 2008

The homeless huts did not start in Des Moines Iowa

The City Council of Des Moines Iowa recently ordered the huts or hooches that the H.O.P.E. builders put up for the homeless torn down.The idea was not started in Des Moines Iowa,it was started by the Georgia Tech architecture grad students.The Mad Housers was founded in 1987 by the Georgia Tech students.The grad students realized homelessness was a problem in Atlanta Georgia.They decided with simple inexpensive materials they could design and build,safer shelters for the homeless then tents. Those who put the huts in were called housers.The housers used a safer way to heat the huts.They used car engine generators.I do suppose someone had to recharge the generators at their home to keep the heat going.The City Council has no reason to be heartless by putting the homeless out in the cold at Christmas.Check out my source, the Village Voice, article "House Rules",search under homelessness.I do read the Village Voice because Vince Aletti's articles are in there and he is also in the New Yorker magazine at times.
I hope I did not burst anyone's bubble with my news flash ...................

Dec 26, 2008

The City of Des Moines treats homelessness as a crime

As my blog says I am an A.C.L.U. member and I have an NAACP supporter card. Both the A.C.L.U.and I know being homeless is not a crime.The City Officials recently have been violating the Civil Rights and Human Rights of the homeless and poor.The City Officials pick and choose who to put out of housing.I have yet to see the city officials go to a persons house,see faulty heating units ,then tell them they have to get out.Recently the city officials,in the dead middle of winter, said the huts a charity built to keep the homeless warm,had to be torn down.The city officials
gave the homeless men seven days to evacuate the makeshift huts.They were built to get them out of the unheated tents.One elderly man is in serious condition due to the city's actions.He almost froze to death in an unheated tent,another homeless person went to check on him and found a serious situation.The wind chill was 25 to 35 below zero,it is an Iowa winter.The city officials are trying for the first person to freeze to death in Des Moines this year.They are the contributing factor if this does happen
It is inhumane to force people out in the cold because they are homeless or near homeless or on a limited income or disabled like myself.There is no reason on earth
to be this cruel.I agree with several people an attorney should take this case pro bono.It would get his name out there and maybe build a good reputation if he wins.
I am watching to see who is a Grinch and who is naughty and who is nice,maybe I can report to Santa next year! I'm trying to keep a good sense of humor especially this time of the year.

Dec 22, 2008

We need to confront the housing situation in Des Moines

The housing situation or lack thereof low to moderate income housing and the city officials being proud of destroying the huts put in for the homeless by H.O.P.E. a charity group.The hut issue can be seen on youtube,look for the homeless in Des Moines.I heard there is a homeless man who is in serious condition from exposure to the cold,12-22-08 on the news.It happened after the city officials tore down the make shift huts or hooches as they were called.Is the City Council waiting for a homeless or near homeless person to die,if not the man in the hospital ? City Council tore down the huts right in the middle of winter,well those people are still out in the cold.
One question remains," Why are these people being put out in the cold this holiday season ?" City Council has known about the housing problem yet they wear blinders and will probably do so about the foreclosure rate. The newly aren't used to being on the street and don't know where to go for help.It is singles and families and disabled and elderly alike.

I guess on another note : People clear your walks so people can get around.Wheel chairs need 18 to 20 inch paths and the crosswalks cleared.NOTE: If you see a wheel chair in the road when you are driving don't call the officers - report the property owner for not having the sidewalks cleared and probably the sidewalk not handicap accessible. Today when I was out in my wheel chair the cross walk at 15th and grand was not cleared where it is handicap accessible,I was in no mood to pop wheelies off a 4 inch curb people ! I am disabled yet I can clear the doorway in front of my audio & video Studio, why can't you ?

Dec 17, 2008

I try to be upfront about the homeless situation ....

Several people seem to think they can shove the homeless and near homeless problems under a rug somewhere so no one notices. It is like a child playing peek a boo, it's there and then it's hidden.It does not work that way, when the homeless and near homeless are pushed out of one place they have to go to another place. The near homeless take their beds with them to the next relative or friends home and next floor. As I've said before Des Moines is turning into a ramein noodle soup and air bed kind of community.Some at city hall seem to think they can brush me off like they do the homeless and near homeless but I don't brush off that easily.Also,I have a thick skin after all these years,it takes alot to rattle me.
Sorry, good samarititans do not seem welcome here in Des Moines.There are people at city hallwho see the problem of homelessness that keeps getting worse and do nothing.Then we have the good samaritans who try to help with what they have to work with.City Council would rather see a homeless person live in a tent and possibly freeze then have them in a structure with four walls.City Council works real hard to undo what the good samaritans try to do for the community to prove their kind of point.Unfortunately this time they waited until the dead middle of winter,another reason for the Scrooge list.It is cruel and unusual punishment on a population that is growing due to job loss and forclosures and other reasons.Rent in Des Moines is rediculous,it takes three people paying general household bills to rent a decent place.I did offer to bring families like mine here and teach some of the people here how a three adult family does things. I have the general family agreement papers that we use when three people live together.One person at City Hall commented he did not like the idea.Well,I don't like them treating people wrong and making it where a low income person cannot afford the rent, a basic need.

Dec 15, 2008

Shelters did not take the place of permanent housing

It is December 15th and below zero temperatures,"why is it people wait to decide to put those in tents out in the middle of winter ?".More homeless are being asked to leave where they set up their home months or longer.We need a Scrooge List : starting with the city hall and those at the railroad property.Where are these people supposed to go ? Des Moines Iowa has a growing population of homelessness and near homeless.All of the evicting started about two weeks ago and in the dead middle of winter.It is not just the alcoholics and drug users in this situation, we have kids and teens and families and disabled and elderly out in the cold.Shelters put the ones staying there out on the streets during the day.We have businesses who have them trespassed from their property and the skywalks.These people are out in the cold again.There are some people at city hall who have no morals or ethics,I could name names but this isn't hard to figure out is it ? Shelters are not the answer as they did not take the place of permanent housing.Diseases and the recent bed bug problem that was shared between the shelters go to show you shelters are a problem.City Hall uses the "It isn't safe " statement to put the homeless out of their camp.Well,shelters aren't safe either.
Please,remember I am an A.C.L.U. member since 2002.I'm now a card holder from the NAACP, thank you.I can be reached at 7214,Des Moines Iowa 50309. Larissa

Dec 14, 2008

The Des Moines Homeless on youtube

Recently the homeless problem has gotten worse and landed on youtube.Alot of people had a field day with city hall.The forclosure rate is getting worse, recently I helped a man who was newly homeless.He had no idea on how to live on the streets or who to ask for help.I sent him in the right direction.If you search for Homelessness in Des Moines on youtube you can see what really goes on around here.
On another note, I just received my A.C.L.U. membership card and my first NAACP card.One of the city legal lawyers does not like people who have these cards like I do. He also doesn't like the fact I know alot about the law,win cases without a law degree and have done it right as I've never been sued.These cards open doors other people have trouble with.I took a preliminary college test to see where I would fit in classes.I am 63 college credit hours from a law degree or law enforcement degree.Law enforcement,maybe not,I am wheel chair bound and it looks like a permanent fixture.Speaking of officers December12 as usual I took the christmas cards to the police department for the officers.I also sent a thank you card to the staff in the Police Chief's office as they get the cards out.I've done this for years as the officers do s great job of keeping the community safe.
I am disabled and just went through surgery again and I'm expecting more.I am looking for a computer to take classes online.I can use the recouperation time frame to study in a relaxed environment.I spent most of my adult life in and out of the hospital and raising other peoples kids.As of recent my health is to the point where I am in a motorized wheelchair.I need a van to transport it and me and I can't afford one.I do have a designated licensed driver.I'm also at the point where I need to look at finding a house suitable for my health and within my budget.It could be a foreclosed on home with a set amount of payment or a rent to own house.I've been in my current situation 5 years.Do they have rent to own houses anymore?It would help with the housing situations,the homeless or near homeless and those losing their houses due to crooked lenders and real estate dealers.I was asked the other day if I gave up my audio & video studio since I am down with my health.I told her no and that I still go out to get housing videos of bad housing for the poor here that is substandard.The inspectors are on my video tapes of the situation.They do drive by inspections and probably get paid under the table for their effort to approve bad housing units.