Dec 26, 2008

The City of Des Moines treats homelessness as a crime

As my blog says I am an A.C.L.U. member and I have an NAACP supporter card. Both the A.C.L.U.and I know being homeless is not a crime.The City Officials recently have been violating the Civil Rights and Human Rights of the homeless and poor.The City Officials pick and choose who to put out of housing.I have yet to see the city officials go to a persons house,see faulty heating units ,then tell them they have to get out.Recently the city officials,in the dead middle of winter, said the huts a charity built to keep the homeless warm,had to be torn down.The city officials
gave the homeless men seven days to evacuate the makeshift huts.They were built to get them out of the unheated tents.One elderly man is in serious condition due to the city's actions.He almost froze to death in an unheated tent,another homeless person went to check on him and found a serious situation.The wind chill was 25 to 35 below zero,it is an Iowa winter.The city officials are trying for the first person to freeze to death in Des Moines this year.They are the contributing factor if this does happen
It is inhumane to force people out in the cold because they are homeless or near homeless or on a limited income or disabled like myself.There is no reason on earth
to be this cruel.I agree with several people an attorney should take this case pro bono.It would get his name out there and maybe build a good reputation if he wins.
I am watching to see who is a Grinch and who is naughty and who is nice,maybe I can report to Santa next year! I'm trying to keep a good sense of humor especially this time of the year.