Aug 24, 2009

Des Moines's southside is not handicap accessible

I just moved into housing that has disabled & elderly people, the problem is the hazardous city bus stops for those who live where I do. There is no real sidewalks on Fleur Drive,plenty of traffic lights the disabled cannot use. There is plenty of traffic faster then a wheel chair or walker. Wattrous Ave. is the same only without traffic lights and no handicap accessible sidewalks, there is none and no where to load a wheel chair except on the street. The run around I get is the city bus company says it is the city and the city says it is the bus company who needs to handle this. I have three numbers I can call to file complaints and have the city audited to see if any money was given them to add sidewalks. I see in the paper that certain roads are being fixed. Why not fix the non existant sidewalks on Fleur & Wattrous Ave ???????
As far as loading the wheel chair goes, I am a paying customer who happens to be in a wheel chair. I get loaded out in the street,it is like taking my life in my own hands because of the bus company's record of hitting people. There were 7 serious accidents pedestrian vs. city bus this past 2 years.
I am an A.C.L.U. member and an N.A.A.C.P. supporter,I can and will be calling the Federal Access Board and H.U.D. and the U.S. Dept of Justice due to all these agencies ability to file a complaint and investigation. I know I am boning up on what I need to know before I get the online classes to get a degree.
I am not just speaking up for myself,I am speaking up for all the disabled & elderly where I live .