Jun 5, 2009

Nowhere for motorized wheelchairs

The city of Des Moines has no place for those of us who need a place to stay.There is no one who helps those of us who are 30 to 55 yrs. of age.I have been calling the past 8 weeks to get into disabled housing or assisted living.There was no place open,there was a 3 month to a 6 month waiting period.Who knows when their health is going to finish bottoming out ? I'd say no one knows when this will happen,even if some without health issues think they can tell. Walk a mile in a disabled persons shoes before you decide how things happen.
The city of Des Moines can seem to find money on a publication tooting their own horn and lay off people who perform city services.There is the Gateway Park art display if you can ,they found money for that.Yet,they cannot help the disabled who have been displaced find accessible housing.Let alone get more built so there is a place.
I have told City Hall if they cannot put something in I would start a web site for the three adult households.It would be cheaper rent and household bills.When I first mentioned this the reaction was don't do that by some city officials.The officers would have to learn how to deal with this. I know alot of officers and I am sure they won't have a problem with this.