Dec 22, 2008

We need to confront the housing situation in Des Moines

The housing situation or lack thereof low to moderate income housing and the city officials being proud of destroying the huts put in for the homeless by H.O.P.E. a charity group.The hut issue can be seen on youtube,look for the homeless in Des Moines.I heard there is a homeless man who is in serious condition from exposure to the cold,12-22-08 on the news.It happened after the city officials tore down the make shift huts or hooches as they were called.Is the City Council waiting for a homeless or near homeless person to die,if not the man in the hospital ? City Council tore down the huts right in the middle of winter,well those people are still out in the cold.
One question remains," Why are these people being put out in the cold this holiday season ?" City Council has known about the housing problem yet they wear blinders and will probably do so about the foreclosure rate. The newly aren't used to being on the street and don't know where to go for help.It is singles and families and disabled and elderly alike.

I guess on another note : People clear your walks so people can get around.Wheel chairs need 18 to 20 inch paths and the crosswalks cleared.NOTE: If you see a wheel chair in the road when you are driving don't call the officers - report the property owner for not having the sidewalks cleared and probably the sidewalk not handicap accessible. Today when I was out in my wheel chair the cross walk at 15th and grand was not cleared where it is handicap accessible,I was in no mood to pop wheelies off a 4 inch curb people ! I am disabled yet I can clear the doorway in front of my audio & video Studio, why can't you ?