Jun 24, 2009

Iowa has done it again when it comes to housing the ill & elderly females

I saw in the paper the other day another female who is elderly and uses a motorized wheel chair isn't being helped.I am disabled and in a motorized wheel chair and at this point sick.The elderly woman is living in a storage unit with the Iowa's blessing.Instead of helping her get in an assisted living unit or disabled housing the head of Iowa's Dept.of Human Services has his head in the sand. My son who is an adult has seen first hand how women are treated in Iowa.Whether trying to get in an office in the State House or those who are ill.My son says it is a shame Iowa has gone to the dogs.The woman is staying in the storage unit like the one I rented for my belongings until I need to move them one more time.I obviously am not a woman with problems making decisions like the head of the Iowa Dept of Human Services likes to imply as an excuse to not help the woman in the storage unit or any woman in the same shoes. Are you the next woman the Dept.of Human Services refuses to help ? There are alot of people who are going to be out on the streets due to foreclosure.I predict some of them will be in the need of services, assisted living,a home health care nurse or disabled housing,will there be enough to go around ? People who are 30 to 55 have no place to get help,Iowa has this attitude that people that age do not have serious health issues. Does Iowa need an attitude adjustment after someone speaks up or goes online ?
As for housing,the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency needs to look into Melvin Canfields dealings with them over the property he rents out to their clients.His property is substandard to say the least,it rains inside due to bad pipes.He prefers to rent to druggies & drunks.I guess it is because he has a reason,when he kicks them out he gets to keep the deposit,right ?Someone like myself who paid him 5 1/2 years on time or early and didn't bring in his kind of people.Those like me are the wrong kind of renters.He used to rib me about hob knobbing with the snobs because I went tp State House functions and have memberships to some well known groups.We can say the A.C.L.U. and the N.A.A.C.P. and more.Now we know why Mel said what he did !!!