Dec 14, 2008

The Des Moines Homeless on youtube

Recently the homeless problem has gotten worse and landed on youtube.Alot of people had a field day with city hall.The forclosure rate is getting worse, recently I helped a man who was newly homeless.He had no idea on how to live on the streets or who to ask for help.I sent him in the right direction.If you search for Homelessness in Des Moines on youtube you can see what really goes on around here.
On another note, I just received my A.C.L.U. membership card and my first NAACP card.One of the city legal lawyers does not like people who have these cards like I do. He also doesn't like the fact I know alot about the law,win cases without a law degree and have done it right as I've never been sued.These cards open doors other people have trouble with.I took a preliminary college test to see where I would fit in classes.I am 63 college credit hours from a law degree or law enforcement degree.Law enforcement,maybe not,I am wheel chair bound and it looks like a permanent fixture.Speaking of officers December12 as usual I took the christmas cards to the police department for the officers.I also sent a thank you card to the staff in the Police Chief's office as they get the cards out.I've done this for years as the officers do s great job of keeping the community safe.
I am disabled and just went through surgery again and I'm expecting more.I am looking for a computer to take classes online.I can use the recouperation time frame to study in a relaxed environment.I spent most of my adult life in and out of the hospital and raising other peoples kids.As of recent my health is to the point where I am in a motorized wheelchair.I need a van to transport it and me and I can't afford one.I do have a designated licensed driver.I'm also at the point where I need to look at finding a house suitable for my health and within my budget.It could be a foreclosed on home with a set amount of payment or a rent to own house.I've been in my current situation 5 years.Do they have rent to own houses anymore?It would help with the housing situations,the homeless or near homeless and those losing their houses due to crooked lenders and real estate dealers.I was asked the other day if I gave up my audio & video studio since I am down with my health.I told her no and that I still go out to get housing videos of bad housing for the poor here that is substandard.The inspectors are on my video tapes of the situation.They do drive by inspections and probably get paid under the table for their effort to approve bad housing units.