Dec 28, 2008

The homeless huts did not start in Des Moines Iowa

The City Council of Des Moines Iowa recently ordered the huts or hooches that the H.O.P.E. builders put up for the homeless torn down.The idea was not started in Des Moines Iowa,it was started by the Georgia Tech architecture grad students.The Mad Housers was founded in 1987 by the Georgia Tech students.The grad students realized homelessness was a problem in Atlanta Georgia.They decided with simple inexpensive materials they could design and build,safer shelters for the homeless then tents. Those who put the huts in were called housers.The housers used a safer way to heat the huts.They used car engine generators.I do suppose someone had to recharge the generators at their home to keep the heat going.The City Council has no reason to be heartless by putting the homeless out in the cold at Christmas.Check out my source, the Village Voice, article "House Rules",search under homelessness.I do read the Village Voice because Vince Aletti's articles are in there and he is also in the New Yorker magazine at times.
I hope I did not burst anyone's bubble with my news flash ...................