Jan 11, 2009

Questionable conduct ?????

It is no wonder the homeless & near homeless has been a part of Des Moines a long time. It did not just start yesterday,folks and you could be the next one on the streets or at a shelter to keep from freezing to death on the streets.
The City of Des Moines has been talking about cuts in service, they gave a list of those who need to expect to be laid off.It seems like they may try to make cuts at the Police Dept. and fire Dept. as well.What do I know ? There was the $3 million to renovate the Vets Auditorium - City Council does not seem to realize people live on the streets here.
I know there are people with disabilities,physical like mine and other disabilities on the street.I am lucky,I have family who set up my audio & video Studio so I have a handicap accessible place to be during the day.It is so I can get to my doctors & surgeons offices.Those who do not know me I've spent alot of my life in and out of surgery.I am still in and out,I had surgery Nov.13 and expect to be back in surgery in a couple of weeks again.It isn't over by a long shot to get me back in one piece.I know how hard it is to be disabled and have shoddy transportation,It is even worse for those on the streets with disabilities.
One more thing, I just saw alot of the City Council's favored lofts and condos on the local foreclosure list. Maybe some of those people need a hobby that could pay some of the bills or maybe it is too late for those condo & lofts owners.They got in over their heads.Three adult households might be able to make it here. I know mine is doing great,we had a 13 year anniversary since court made us a three adult family.