Dec 17, 2008

I try to be upfront about the homeless situation ....

Several people seem to think they can shove the homeless and near homeless problems under a rug somewhere so no one notices. It is like a child playing peek a boo, it's there and then it's hidden.It does not work that way, when the homeless and near homeless are pushed out of one place they have to go to another place. The near homeless take their beds with them to the next relative or friends home and next floor. As I've said before Des Moines is turning into a ramein noodle soup and air bed kind of community.Some at city hall seem to think they can brush me off like they do the homeless and near homeless but I don't brush off that easily.Also,I have a thick skin after all these years,it takes alot to rattle me.
Sorry, good samarititans do not seem welcome here in Des Moines.There are people at city hallwho see the problem of homelessness that keeps getting worse and do nothing.Then we have the good samaritans who try to help with what they have to work with.City Council would rather see a homeless person live in a tent and possibly freeze then have them in a structure with four walls.City Council works real hard to undo what the good samaritans try to do for the community to prove their kind of point.Unfortunately this time they waited until the dead middle of winter,another reason for the Scrooge list.It is cruel and unusual punishment on a population that is growing due to job loss and forclosures and other reasons.Rent in Des Moines is rediculous,it takes three people paying general household bills to rent a decent place.I did offer to bring families like mine here and teach some of the people here how a three adult family does things. I have the general family agreement papers that we use when three people live together.One person at City Hall commented he did not like the idea.Well,I don't like them treating people wrong and making it where a low income person cannot afford the rent, a basic need.