Mar 10, 2007

Housing Inc : Des Moines Ia.

My name is Larissa, I own an audio & video studio. I am currently working on my housing video project on the city of Des Moines Iowa.
I should give you some information on how the studio came to be. In 2003 & 2004 I was referred to grants to help start the studio, by the then Governor Tom Vilsack. I do believe I still have those referrals in a file. When I went to those agencies I kept getting the run around or told we don't know where the money is. The citizens of Des Moines eventually found out the money landed in certain officials pockets. I am one of the lucky few, my family stepped in to make sure I had the equipment needed to get my housing video project off the ground. I will eventually put my video tape footage off onto a dvd and online at a later date.
If you are naive about the housing situation in Des Moines I encourage you to check out a few open records : Des Moines Police Dept. cases : 2000: 36946 & 36947 & 36948 & 36949. It is how you find out the skinny on the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency protecting a sex offender on their payroll and how certain city officials tried to lamely cover up what was going on. The funny thing is the housing agency knew they had a problem in 1998, I caught the problem in 1999. It was claimed to be in my imagination, well I either have a great imagination or som eone at the housing agency and city hall has the Pinnocchio syndrome. I caught some of the issues on video tape dated 9 months before an arrest was made, some imagination, right ?
As for my qualifications, I graduated with a P.H.D. from the school of hard knocks. Really, I learned what I know about investigating from one of the best P.I.'s in this area. We were together 11 1/2 years, he taught me how to do his job in case he was too busy to go to the court house or any other office for records. I am self taught as far as video taping goes, I can take video tape and put it onto a dvd at my studio. The audio part is more fun then work, karaoke
anyone ?

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