Jan 3, 2009

It's the New Year and the homeless huts are gone - What's next ?

The residents of Des Moines deserves a better city council then we have. City Council doesn't seem to have the decency to do what is right.The homeless huts are gone and due to that move a homeless,elderly man nearly froze to death after having to return to a tent.Why should anyone care ? It could be you out there next,a medical emergency or a chronic,serious medical problem could put you out of housing.Then there is the mortgage crisis,a foreclosure could put you on the streets.
When you have a city council who have the me - first or big businesses - first attitudes that has gotten out of hand recently,we have problems.It's a matter of time someone like me gives them a taste of their own medicine.However,Des Moines does have some residents who are foolish enough to believe that if they say something it won't matter or help. Every little bit of help the residents can do, helps.
It's winter and there's homeless and near homeless,some are elderly and disabled.When you add the mortgage crisis there are more people out in the cold,there is nothing certain about the miseries except it is out of control.
The mornings are freezing and some days too but we need to stop and think about the freezing nights and who is out there.

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