May 14, 2009

Curtesy of the City Council

If you've been wondering where I've been,my health has been doing what it always does.I am battling several serious health problems that require several surgeries.
I have had to look at disabled housing or assisted living due to my health as usual.There are no units that do not have a waiting list.A person never knows when their health is going to get to the point they have to move to disabled housing fast.Waiting lists are ok for those who do not have health concerns & surgeries to get set up and put in there a heart attack and a motorized wheelchair.Trying to juggle several surgeons & doctors and two new doctors and look for housing in this situation is not good.I've called several places to see about housing to no avail and no place to get moved.My health has been bad since I was 25 years old,alot of people think this only happens when you are older and it doesn't.I have heard that there are homeless soldiers who are in a similar situation.It is all curtesy of the City Council and their beloved lofts & condos that no one can afford without bringing three adult households like I suggested before.I have been told by several at city hall they do not like the idea.I know it can work because it works for people in my situation but it would have to be set up a little different.Three adult households put some of your money back in your pocket,sharing the main household bills is why.If you divide the rent & electricity and etc. by three,the expense is cheaper. You just might end up in a nicer place,too.
I am a supporter of the officers here and alot of them know it.When I went to court for a legal name change - family change I tried to educate the officers I was around.
Most of them knew about the legal name change part but not the family change part or what happened in court or why. A few knew why as they know the former biological family and why I wanted out the legal way.I handled the court hearing and saved alot of money.
I know I am luckier then most around here as I went from having nothing but the kids,to making it as far as getting the audio & video studio and knowing how to use the equipment I have on my own.I took a preliminary college test last october and I am close to a law degree,self-taught.I got the results three days after I found out my total spine crashed.I was in a long term relationship with one of the best private investigator in Des Moines 11 1/2 years.He taught me what I know how to do when he was too busy to do it.I still have the souvineers of those years.He helped raise my son and the funny or eerie thing was they looked like father & son.My son has a clean record to this day. I think it is because of my life back then and who I let around my house and kids.

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